Wisconsin Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  174

State Sportfish:  Muskellunge

Notable Records:  A 74 lb 5oz. flathead catfish from the Mississippi River, a 51 lb 3oz. tiger muskie from Lac Vieux Desert, an 18 lb walleye from High lake, a 170 lb 10oz. lake sturgeon from Yellow Lake

Fishing Regs:  To view the regs online click here or download (right click, save as) them here (Wisconsin fishing regs).

Fishing License Info:  

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $20.00 $50.00
1-day $8.00 $10.00
4-day N/A $24.00
15-day N/A $28.00
Trout $10.00 $10.00
Salmon $10.00 $10.00

For more resident license information click here and for non-resident license info. click here.

Quickcast:  Wisonsin: America’s Dairyland where the milk flows freely and so do the …muskie.  Plenty of water (including two Great Lakes) and plenty of opportunities during any season in Wisconsin.  Lakes and rivers abound including Chippewa Flowage where anglers can throw a line for world record muskie, northern pike, bass species and panfish like crappie.  Heading southeast of Chippewa is Flambeau River (after which Flambeau Fishing Tackle named its company).  This river can hold mid-sized muskies as well as smallmouth and walleye.  Heading back north to Willow Reservoir anglers find a 6,400 acres of fishable waters where northern pike, panfish, muskie, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass lurk.  Looking at the northern tip of the state one will have the opportunity to fish Lake Superior.  This Great Lake is a great place to target splake, browns, lake trout, whitefish, smelt, chinook, rainbows, smallmouths, walleye and northern pike.  Skirting the northeastern tip of the state is the Menominee River which brings in sportsmen for walleye, sturgeon, smallmouth bass and northern pike.  Fishing the east coast means fishing on Lake Michigan.  From shore anglers can stir up some coho, browns, rainbows, spawning steelhead and perch.  Heading west of the shores of Lake Michigan is a very sizeable lake called Lake Winnebago.  This giant but shallow lake is a great place for muskie, catfish, sturgeon, smallmouth, largemouth, panfish, northern pike and walleye.  Finally, moving southwest from Lake Winnebago is the state’s namesake river, the Wisconsin River.  This 430 mile long river attracts fishermen for a chance at white bass, walleye, muskie, carp, smallmouth and northern pike.