West Virginia Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  178

State Sportfish:  West Virginia Golden Brook Trout

Notable Records:  A 12 lb 4oz. largemouth bass from a private pond, a 2 lb 12oz. bluegill from a private pond, a 33 lb 6oz. channel catfish from Patterson Creek, a 49 lb 12oz., muskie from Stonecoal Lake

Fishing Regs:  To view the fishing regulations click here or download (right click, save as) here (West Virginia regs).

Fishing License Info:   

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $19.00 $37.00
1-day N/A $3.00
Trout $10.00 $16.00

for more information on fishing licenses click here.

Quickcast:  West Virginia really is an outdoorsman’s paradise.  The mountainous terrain provides folks with hiking, backpacking whitewater rafting, huunting and of course fishing.  The karstic topography lends itself to providing much of the river and lake habitat that the 178 fish species live in.  Looking first in the east is the Potomac River which is comprised of the North Branch, South Branch, North Fork and South Fork.  Depending on which parts of this sizeable river you are fishing there are opportunities for smallmouth, walleye, bluegill, rainbows, browns, brookies, and cutthroat trout.  On the Western boundary of the state is the Ohio River where fishermen can throw a line for catfish species, smallmouth bass, sauger and walleye among others.  Coming out of the Ohio River and flowing southeast is the Little Kanawha River.  This 97 mile river attracts fishermen for big catfish species, striped bass, walleye, muskie, freshwater drum, carp, sturgeon, buffalo bigmouth and paddlefish.  Following the Kanawha River to the center of the state one will find Sutton Lake.  This 120 foot deep lake provides habitat for spotted bass as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass.  Just south of Sutton is Summersville Lake which can hold largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, brim, catfish species, crappie, and northern pike.  Finally, in the southern tip of the state is Bluestone Lake.  This lake is situated in Bluestone State Park and makes a great place for all kinds of recreation including catching muskie, largemouth, bluegill, channel cats, yellow perch and striped bass.