Pennsylvania Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  148

State Sportfish (fresh):  Brook Trout 

Notable Records:  a 54lb 3oz. muskie from Conneault Lake,  a 35lb northern pike from Allegheny Reservoir, a7lb brook trout Fishing Creek, a 17lb 9oz. walleye from Allegheny Reservoir

Fishing Regs:  Download the regs by right click, save as here (Penn. Fishing Regs) or go to the website here.

Fishing License Info:  

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $22.70 $52.70
1-day $11.70 $26.70
3-day N/A $26.70
7-day N/A $34.70
Trout/Salmon $25.70 $25.70

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Quickcast:  Pennsylvania is a big state with plenty of big rivers to support a fishery of trout, salmon, walleye, pike, bass and panfish.  The two main rivers in Pennsylvania are really the Allegheny and the Susquehanna.  Starting in the Northwest anglers will find the Allegheny River.  This river is great for trout, walleye, northern pike and big muskie.  Over to the East side of the state is the Susquehanna River which has been known to produce primarily smallmouth bass and flathead catfish but will also yield walleye and muskie.  All the way to the Eastern edge is the Delaware River.  This well-known river is a great place to find browns as well as rainbows and smallmouth bass and brook trout.  Also in the East is the Schuykill River that is known to yield at least 40 fish species including catfish, perch, sunfish, bass species and carp but will also have shad and eel.  To the West one will find the Conemaugh River that is great for kayak fishing for bass species and panfish.