Nebraska Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  102

State Sportfish (fresh):  Channel Catfish

Notable Records:  a 10lb 11oz. largemouth bass from Columbus, a 64lb buffalo bigmouth from Dodge County, a 100lb 8oz. blue catfish from the Missouri River, an 80lb flathead catfish from Loup Power Canal

Fishing Regs:  To download the fishing regs right click, save link as here (Nebraska Fishing Regs) or visit the site.

Fishing License Info:   

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $28.50 $60.50
1-day $7.50 $9.50
3-day $22.50 $27.50

For more information on licenses click here.

Quickcast:  Nebraska certainly offers plenty of freshwater fishing to any angler looking for a fight.  In the Northeast there are popular lakes like Lewis and Clark Lake that boasts species like channel cats, carp, walleye, white bass, smallmouth, crappie, freshwater drum and sauger.  Also in the same region is the Elkhorn River and the Niobara River where one can stir up some channel cats and carp.  Bordering the state on the East is the Missouri River where fishermen will most likely see channel cats, walleye, blue cats, buffalo bigmouth, carp, flathead cats, freshwater drum, sauger, paddlefish and smallmouth.  Moving down to the Southeastern part of the state one will find the Platte River that is sure to give up shovelnose sturgeon, channel cats, carp, freshwater drum, bluegill, largemouth bass, and muskie.  South of Platte is Big Blue River which brings in anglers for channel cats, carp and flathead cats.  In the Southwest is Lake McConaughy where fishermen try their hand at bullhead, yellow perch, channel cats, white bass, northern pike, smallmouth and wipers.  To the south one will find Hugh Butler Lake.  This lake is known for nothern pike, carp, smallmouth, crappie, flathead cats, largemouth, smallmouth bass, white bass, wipers and the ever-present channel cats.  The Northwestern region of the state (known as the Panhandle) will draw fishermen in search of rainbow trout and brown trout in the streams while the lakes and reservoirs hold northern pike, tiger muskie, walleye and panfish.