Mississippi Fishing

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Number of Fish Species (freshwater):  204

Number of Fish Species (saltwater): no data

State Sportfish:  Largemouth Bass

Notable Records:  a 7lb 15oz. smallmouth bass from Pickwick Lake, a 3lb 6oz. bluegill from a farm pond, a 65lb paddlefish from Ross Barnett Reservior, a 33lb 8oz. blackfin tuna from offshore.

Fishing Regs:  Freshwater regs. can be viewed here and saltwater regs can be viewed here starting on page 4 (or downloaded right click, save link as here (Mississippi saltwater regs). 

Fishing License Info:  Those that are between 16 and 64 will require a license to fish.  There are also small agent and processing fees associated with the purchase of licenses.  

  Freshwater       Saltwater  
  Residents Non-Residents     Residents Non-Residents
Annual $8.00 $50.00   Annual $10.00 $30.00
1-day N/A $8.00   3-day N/A $15.00
3-day N/A $15.00        

For more detailed license info. click here.

Quickcast:  In the Northern regions of Mississippi fishermen will be able to find crappie, bass, channel catfish and bream.  Moving south anglers will find lakes like Grenada and Enid Lake where crappie is the word but white bass and catfish can be caught as well.  In the middle of the state is Ross Barnett Reservoir where crappie and bass are king.  In the Southern end of Mississippi is the Pascagoula River which will typically yield bass and flathead cats as well as bream, crappie and black bass.  The mighty Mississippi River runs the entire length of the Western edge of the state and brings in fishermen looking to hook primarily walleye and sauger but also lurking below the brown surface is bluegill, catfish species, bass species, stripers and northern pike.   

Finally reaching its end, the Mississippi River then joins up with the salty Gulf of Mexico which is where a whole different set of fish species live.  Fishing offshore Mississippi you will expect to see snappers, billfish, dolphin, shark, cobia, wahoo and yellowfin tuna.  The Gulf is big and so is the fish selection when fishing offshore of Mississippi and any Gulf state.