Minnesota Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  158

State Sportfish:  Walleye

Notable Records:  a 17lb. 8oz. walleye from Seagull River, a 33lb 4oz. king salmon from Poplar River, a 54lb muskie from Lake Winnibigoshish, a 5lb black crappie from Vermillion River.

Fishing Regs:  To download the regs right click, save link as here (Minnesota Fishing Regs) or visit the site here.

Fishing License Info: 

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $22.00 $45.00
1-day N/A $12.00
3-day N/A $32.00
7-day N/A $38.00

For more detailed info. on licenses click here. 

Quickcast:  Make no mistake about Minnesota, it’s all about the walleye!  Actually, there are lots of fish species to scare up in this state.  Minnesota fishing is one of the more valuable in the country in terms of dollars spent on the sport and money it brings in.  You can probably guess they take good care of their fishery and make it sustainable for generations to come.

Starting in the North, fishermen will find a good sized body of water known as Lake of the Woods where, of course, giant walleye lurk but one will also find northern pike, sauger, cisco and yellow perch.  Moving south one will find Upper and Lower Red Lake.  This lake is known to produce gigantic black crappie and is one of the top ten walleye lakes in Minnesota but will also produce some nice northern pike and lake whitefish.  Further south is Mille Lacs Lake which is known for being the “walleye capital” producing several hundred thousand walleye each year.  In addition to walleye are yellow perch, muskie, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.  Cutting though the bottom of the state is the Minnesota River.  This river is home to a good deal of catfish species to include channel cats and flathead.  Other inhabitants in the river are carp, walleye, bigmouth buffalo, sauger, white bass and white sucker.  On the Eastern side of things is the St. Croix River and fishermen usually throw a line in the water there to lure out some catfish and giant sturgeon.  One can also hook a crappie,  walleye, several catfish species, many panfish species, muskie, pike, sauger and freshwater drum.