Louisiana Fishing

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Number of Fish Species(freshwater): 155

Number of Fish Species(saltwater): no data

State Sportfish (fresh): White Crappie

Notable Records:  a 15lb 15oz. largemouth bass out of Caney Lake, a 3lb 13oz. white crappie from Lake Verret, a 112lb cobia from offshore, a 13lb southern flounder from nearshore (South Pass)

Fishing Regs:  Click here for freshwater regs and here for saltwater regs.

Fishing License Info:  In most cases one must buy a “basic” or freshwater license in order to get a saltwater license.

  Freshwater       Saltwater  
  Residents Non-Residents     Residents Non-Residents
Annual $9.50 $60.00   Annual $15.50 $90.00
1-day N/A $5.00   1-day N/A $17.50


Quickcast:  Louisiana has a lot to offer for both the inland and offshore fisherman. Inshore you’ll find trout, jack crevalle, black drum and of course the ever-popular redfish.  Offshore expect to do battle with tuna, dolpin, snapper, wahoo and even swordfish.  Some of the aspects that make the offshore environment so bountiful is that not only is there a deep cut created by the Mississippi River (called the Mississippi Canyon) but there are plenty of gas platforms that create a great deal of habitat and fish attractors.

When it comes to freshwater fish there is a good chance that you’ll find some good sized bass just about anywhere you go.  For starters there is the Red River in the Central part of the state that will yield some lunker bass as well as catfish.  In the Middle-Upper part of the state is another great bass spot, Caney Lake in the Kisatchie National forest region.  Toledo Bend, on the far Central-Western part of the state is a body of water that’s a sure bet for huge largemouth bass and stripers.  The Mississippi River, which runs the Eastern border of the state then cuts through the “foot” of Louisiana,  is where you’ll want to head for catfish (flathead, channel and blues).  Of course, any mention of Louisiana fishing requires some discussion of Lake Pontchartrain,  the largest and probably most well-known lake in Louisiana.   If trout are what you’re after then this is definitely the place but don’t forget about the redfish, drum, black bass and sheepshead.