Iowa Fishing

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Number of Fish Species: 148

State SportfishChannel Catfish (unofficial)

Notable Records:  a 10lb 12oz. largemouth bass from Lake Fisher, a 50lb 6oz. muskie from Big Spirit Lake, a 25lb 5oz. northern pike from West Okoboji Lake, a 107lb paddlefish from the Missouri River.

Fishing Regs:  To download Iowa fishing regs right click, save as here (Iowa Fishing Regulations) or go to the website.

Fishing License Info:  

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $19.00 $1.00
1-day N/A $10.50
3-day N/A $17.50
7-day N/A $32.00
Trout $12.50 $15.00

For more license info. click here.

Quickcast:  Much like its neighbors Iowa is criss-crossed with quite a few rivers and streams.  The Floyd, Little Sioux, Maple and Boyer Rivers feed into the Missouri to the West and the Upper Iowa, Turkey, Maquoketa, Waspsipinicon, Iowa and Skunk Rivers feed into the Mississippi to the East.  The Des Moines River (the longest interior river in Iowa) runs through the middle of the state and makes for some great walleye fishing as well as flathead catfish and crappie.  Fishing the Missouri River you should expect great channel cats and flathead catfish, shovelnose sturgeon, bluegill, crappie, smallmouth near wing dams and sauger.  The southern areas of the Missouri River are known for blue catfish.  Moving East to the Mississippi fishermen target walleye, sauger, paddlefish, carp, catfish, panfish, northern pike, and bass.  This river will yield the most diversity if you’re looking to keep things interesting.  For those interested in trout there is a seemingly endless list of profitable trout streams offering rainbow, browns and brook trout.  Iowa makes a lot of effort to stock these streams so don’t miss an opportunity to take advantage!