Illinois Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  192

State Sportfish:  Bluegill

Notable Records: a 7lb 5oz. brook trout from Lake Michigan, a 45lb 4oz. channel catfish from Baldwin Lake, a 37lb king salmon from Lake Michigan, a 26lb 15oz. northern pike from strip mine lake.

Fishing Regs: Download the regulations here by right click, save as (Illinois Fishing Regulations) or go to the website here.

Fishing License Info:  

  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $15.00 $31.50
10-day N/A $20.00
Trout $6.50 $6.50


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Quickcast:  There’s no shortage of water in this state!  Between Lake Michigan, the smaller lakes and the extensive river systems its no wonder Illinois has 192 species of fish.  Winter fishing in Lake Michigan should yield some nice rainbow and browns but mostly yellow perch. Spring time fishermen should expect the coho, browns and yellow perch whereas summer is excellent for chinook (king), coho, rainbows, browns and smallmouth.  Other lakes in the state like Lake Springfield will produce bass, crappie, catfish species and white bass.  Moving water like the Fox River tend to harbor walleye, crappie, bass, bluegill, pike, catfish and muskie which is going to be fairly typical of most rivers in Illinois.  If its trout you’re after some promising  spots are Wolf Lake, Busse Lake and Axelhead Lake.