Delaware Fishing

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Number of Fish Species (freshwater):  77

Number of Fish Species (saltwater):  no data

State Sportfish: Weakfish

Notable Records:  a 19lb 2oz. weakfish out of Delaware Bay, a 51lb 8oz. striper offshore, a 10lb 5oz. largemouth bass from Andrews Lake, a 7lb 3oz. pickerel from Horsey Pond

Fishing Regs: Fishing regulations can be found here (includes saltwater & freshwater)

Fishing License Info:  

Fresh & Salt  
  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $11.00 $22.50
7-day N/A $15.00
Trout $5.20 $7.20

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Quickcast:  On the freshwater side of things Delaware ponds and rivers are home to species like pickerel, bluegill, crappie, various bass species and the ever-present perch.  When it comes to trout the five main pursuits are cutthroat, lake, rainbow, brook and brown trout.  Those looking to get a trout to rise should be pleased to know that the proceeds from the Trout Stamp goes to stocking efforts that run nearly year-round.  Anglers heading to Delaware should expect plenty of diversity to hold their attention.  Delaware Bay will produce catfish, flounder, weakfish and of course the much celebrated striped bass.  Additionally, inshore anglers should hook into white perch, drum, blues, black seabass and tautog.  Taking your rods further offshore one should expect to come across blue marlin, swords, mackerels, tunas, wahoo, dolphin and dolphin.  Delaware, and many states along the upper Atlantic Coast, are simply striper crazy.  The following guide is from a veteran with 60 years of striper catching for a resume.  Be as prepared as you can before you go, check it out here.

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