Colorado Fishing

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Number of Fish Species:  106

State Sportfish (fresh):  Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Notable Records: a 16lb cutthroat trout from Twin Lakes, a  19lb 10oz. rainbow trout from Gunnison County, an 18lb 13oz. walleye from Standley Lake, an 11lb 6oz. largemouth bass from Echo Canyon, a 30lb 8oz. brown trout from Gunnison County.

Fishing Regs: Download the latest regs here or look at the interactive regs guide here (Colorado regs).

Fishing License Info: 

Residents Non-Residents
Annual $36.00 $66.00
1-day $19.00 $19.00
5-day N/A $31.00

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Quickcast:  When you think “Colorado”, think “trout” -especially brown and rainbow trout! In Colorado the mountains are high and so is the fishing! Read on for a regional synopsis of what to expect.

In the Northeast the Aurora Reservoir will yield some nice rainbows, browns, walleye, largemouth and crappie.  The Gold Medal rated North Delaney Butte is stocked with brown trout but will also produce rainbows and cutthroat trout as well.  Another Gold Medal rated fishing spot is the North Platte River where one can find browns, brookies and rainbows.

In the Northwest the Gold Medal Blue River will produce some  rainbows and browns as well as the Crystal and Roaring Fork Rivers.  Trapper’s Lake holds the largest population of cutthroat in the world but Rifle Gap Reservoir is where one will find yellow perch and walleye on a regular basis.

In the Southeast fishermen can scare up some browns and rainbows in the Arkansas River as well as the Beaver Creek Reservior.  Pueblo Reservoir can offer up some nice largmouth and smallmouth as well as wipers, catfish, bluegill and walleye.

In the Southwest part of the state fishermen will find the Gold Medal Animas River which is a great place for browns and rainbows.  Additionally, the Blue Mesa Reservoir will produce a lot of nice kokanee and rainbows as will the Gold Medal Gunnison River.  Of course no list is complete without talking about the mighty Rio Grande which has some nice trophy browns and rainbows.

For a great interactive map of places to go check out this site.