California Fishing

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Number of Fish Species (fresh): 119

Number of Fish Species (saltwater): 519

State Sportfish (fresh):   Golden Trout

State Sportfish (salt):  Garibaldi

Notable Records:  a 79lb white seabass near the Pajaro River,  a 452lb 8oz. swordfish, a 21lb 12oz. largemouth bass from Castaic Lake , a 27lb rainbow trout from Lake Natoma.

Fishing Regs: download the freshwater fishing regulations here (CA Freshwater regs) and the saltwater fishing regulations here (CA Saltwater Regs).

Fishing License Info:

Fresh & Salt  
  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $45.93 $123.38
1-day $14.61 $14.61
2-day $22.94 $22.94
10-day N/A $45.93
Steelhead $7.05 $7.05

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Quickcast:  There is no doubt that California has a great deal of coastline and that means plenty of access to shore fishing both from the beach and from the famous fishing piers.  Offshore one can expect to find mahi, swordfish, kelp bass, rockfish, cabezon, and of course the much sought-after white seabass.  California also has plenty of inland freshwater fishing as well.  In the North is the Klamath River where the steelhead lurk while Lake Shasta is known for bass and trout.  In the mid-Eastern parts on California is the beautiful Lake Tahoe which is known for rainbows, browns, Kokanee, and lake trout.  To the South is Lake Havasu which is a great place to find stripers, largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as catfish and panfish.