Arkansas Fishing

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Number of Fish Species: 233

State Sportfish: none

Notable Records: A 16lb 4oz. largemouth bass from Mallard Lake, a 17lb 5oz. bowfin from Desha County, a 116lb 12oz. blue catfish from the Mississippi River, a 98lb 8oz. paddlefish from Ouachita River.

Fishing Regs:  Click here for length and bag limits

Fishing License Info:   

Residents Non-Residents
Annual $10.50 $40.00
3-day $6.50 $11.00
7-day N/A $17.00
14-day N/A $22.00
Trout $5.00 $12.00


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Quickcast:  Arkansas is really an outdoorsman’s paradise with plenty of freshwater running through it.  Some of those notable rivers include the Arkansas, the White River, the St. Francis, the Ouachita, and of course the Mighty Mississip.  On the White River in the Northern parts of Arkansas one can expect to get some trout to rise on jigs and fly.  Lake Norfolk will yield shad, walleye and bass.  In the Southern parts of the state fishermen should expect crappie, various bass species as well as catfish.  Lakes and rivers in the Central parts of the state hold crappie, bream, catfish and bass.  The Ouachita River in the West-Central region will yield bass, crappie, walleye, stripers, and catfish.  The Mississippi River is a good place to bring out some crappie, bass and bream.  Finally, fishermen in the Arkansas River can scare up some shad, bass (especially white bass), bream and catfish.