Arizona Fishing

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Number of Fish Species: 81

State Sportfish: Apache Trout

Notable Records:  a 16 lb 7 oz. largemouth bass from Canyon Lake, a 3 lb 15 oz. bluegill from Goldwater Lake, a 32 lb 5 oz. northern pike from Ashurst Lake and a 16 lb 1oz. walleye from Show Low Lake.

Fishing Regs: download them here: Arizona fishing regs

Fishing License Info:  

Residents Non-Residents
Annual $23.50 $63.00
1-day $16.25 $17.25
5-day N/A $32.00
Trout $15.75 N/A


For more details see the Arizona fishing regs PDF above.

Quickcast:  Not many fishermen think of the arid desert of Arizona as a prime fishing destination but don’t discount this desert gem!  Arizona is very dedicated to its trout hatchery and stocking program and anglers really reap the benefits when throwing a line in the waters of the White Mountains to the North.  Don’t miss a chance to catch the state fish, the Apache Trout, found only in the Arizona and primarily in the Black River.  In the North Central region one will expect to find largemouth bass, channel cats and brown trout.  In the Colorado River expect to find striped bass, catfish, trout and largemouth while in the southern regions of the state you can find catfish, bass and bluegill.

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