Alaska Fishing

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Number of Fish Species (freshwater): 41

Number of Fish Species (saltwater): 480

State Sportfish (fresh): Chinook (King) Salmon

Notable Records: a 97 lb 4 oz. King salmon from the Kenai River, a 38 lb 8oz. northern pike from the Innoko River, a 459 lb halibut from Unalaska Bay and an 81 lb 6 oz. lingcod from Monty Island.

Fishing Regs: the Alaskan regs are divided into five regions -see them here

Fishing License Info:  

  Fresh & Salt  
  Residents Non-Residents
Annual $24.00 $145.00
1-day N/A $20.00
3-day N/A $35.00
7-day N/A $55.00
14-day N/A $80.00
King Salmon $10.00 $10-$100

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Quickcast:  Alaska is vast and so are its waters which are filled with a variety of fish.  This state has one of the better managed fisheries in the U.S. and the size and numbers of fish coming out of Alaska prove that.  Anglers venture to Alaska in hopes of catching some of the many freshwater and saltwater game but salmon and groundfish like halibut are at the top of the list.  Some of the other main targets are grayling, trout, pike, lingcod, char and rockfish.  When it comes to freshwater one may travel to the very top of Alaska in the North Slope region to fish for kings, chum salmon, arctic char, dolly varden, sheefish, lake trout, grayling, northern pike and burbot.  To the southeast is the Yukon Drainage region that is going to host every major freshwater sportfish species in Alaska but really draws in anglers for  kings, pink salmon, sockeye, chum, and coho.  To the southwest is the Kuskokwim drainage area which is the 2nd largest in the state.  This area is home to all the species found in the Yukon and North Slope but with the addition of humpback whitefish, cisco, round whitefish and broad whitefish.  Moving east one finds the Upper Copper/ Susitina River management area.  This region is a good for producing grayling, rainbows, coho, char, kings, dolly varden and steelhead.  

Offshore in the saltier waters salmon, halibut and rockfish are primarily what anglers are after however there are also lingcod and salmon sharks to be caught. With 3000 rivers and 34,000 miles of coastline no fisherman will be bored in Alaska!

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