Alabama Fishing

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Number of Fish Species (freshwater): 340

Number of Fish Species (saltwater): 110

State Sportfish (fresh):  Largemouth Bass

State Sportfish (salt):   Tarpon

Notable Records:  A 16 lb 8 oz. largemouth bass out of Mtn. View Lake, a 10 lb 14 oz. walleye out of Weiss Reservoir, a 4 lb 5 oz. black crappie out of Ft. Payne Reservoir, a 203 lb tarpon and a 15 lb 11 oz. gray snapper.

Fishing Regs:

Download the freshwater regs here (Alabama freshwater regs)

See the saltwater regs here or download them here (Alabama Saltwater Regs)

Fishing License Info:  

  Freshwater       Saltwater  
  Residents Non-Residents     Residents Non-Residents
Annual $12.50 $48.00   Annual $21.95 $47.00
7-day   $27.10        

For more info. on saltwater license click here (more info.) and for more info. on saltwater license click here (more info.).

Quickcast: Alabama is #1 in the United States when it comes to freshwater fish diversity.  Its no wonder that there are a lot of targeted freshwater fish to be caught in Alabama! Bama is all about bass.  In fact the first bass fishing tournaments were apparently held in Alabama.  There is a series of 11 lakes that bass enthusiasts can fish on what’s called the Alabama Bass Trail -check it out here.  Alabama offers quite an extensive reservoir system for fishing.  Besides largemouth bass expect to find spotted bass, bluegill, shad, walleye, sauger, striped bass, white bass and crappie.  There are also plenty of creeks and rivers, such as the Alabama River.  This river boasts catches of spotted bass, largemouth bass, paddlefish, crappie, striped bass, and of course catfish and sturgeon.  It is also worth mentioning that if crappie is your game then take a trip to Weiss Lake.  This lake on the Alabama-Georgia border is known as the Crappie Capital of the World (though the striped bass and largemouth action is also fantastic).  

The offshore saltwater fishing in Alabama is highlighted by grouper, tripletail, sheepshead and snappers as well as red drum and spotted seatrout in the shallows of Mobile Delta.  Farther offshore anglers can expect to get into some swordfish, greater amberjack, mahi, yellowfin, mackererl, cobia and wahoo.














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